Tamiru Demisse, Silver Olympic medalist Rio 2016

  • Tamiru Denisse
    Ethiopian Athlete who conquered the silver medal on
    1500 m at the Paralympic Games Rio 2016
  • At the age of nine years, due to an infection, I lost sight of the left eye and, in the absence of proper treatment, my right eye was affected too. However, around the age of 17, I started to practice athletics, a very natural choice in Ethiopia because it is the most popular sport in the country.
  • "My gesture of crossing my hands as I passed through the finish line was conceived as a sign of protest that infected the hearts of the Ethiopian countrymen, sports fans and friends in solidarity with the ongoing national protest against the government of Ethiopia."
    My protest to the Ethiopian government was held in defense of the Oromo people, the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, who had been oppressed for years because of political conflicts and disputes over land tenure. More than 3 (three) thousand people of the Oromo ethnic group have already lost their lives in these conflicts. Many people are being repressed in the form of torture and imprisonment. Thus, when the opportunity to participate in the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro arose, even in the face of all the difficulties and the small Ethiopian delegation (only nine athletes), I decided to protest consciously, knowing that I could not return to my country without putting my life at risk.
  • Today Tamiru chose Brazil as his country and is in the process of political asylum and later request for naturalness.

    "Brazil is a very welcoming happy country, and everyone welcomed me with a lot of affection."
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