Catch & Recycle: Pier Fishing

  • Second series of images in the CATCH & RECYCLE photo project to bring awareness to the amount of trash polluting the oceans. The Pier fishing seriesĀ pullsĀ on the heart strings of those who have ever been fishing and proudly held up their catch to be photographed. With frightening statistic that indicate that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish in the future, it's a hope that future images will not show the proud catch of rubbish and plastic pulled from our ocean, lakes and streams. To bring awareness to this epidemic, I've illustrated images in a multiple series photo project from amazing sculptures created by Ricardo Ramos (@xicogaivota) to bring his trash art to life.

    Each fish has been created through found plastic debris along the coast of Portugal. The sculpture creations of the fish in real life measures 112cm x 60cm (4ft by 2ft). Items used to create the fish have not been altered but have been used in their original found state.
  • Watch the video below to learn more about the efforts made to keep beaches clean and how this trash are is created by Ricardo Ramos.