Sunrise in the Heartland

  • Sunrise in the Heartlands

    I have'nt posted in a bit because I've moved. Its been too busy to get anything of a more personal nature photographically completed but Ill work back into it. I enjoy my drives that are filled with these lovely scenes and I thought that perfect to share. I hope you enjoy the new scenery!
  • Morning Sunshine!
  • One Gate, Sunrise
  • Up too early to do anything but infraredĀ 
  • The fog rolls out when the sun just touches the sky
  • One Gate, B&W
  • Gate to a foggy pasture
  • The horses in the fog
  • Tree with horses at sunrise
  • Horses and the fog B&W
  • Mornin BeautiesĀ :)
  • Summer Sunrise
  • Summer Sunrise and fog
  • Gate & Tree B&W
  • I hope you enjoyed the views!