Summer Ice Cream

  • This was a fun little photoshoot to celebrate National Ice Cream Day (Saturday 14 July 2018). The concept was to communicate how the frosty treat can bring friends together. Thankfully Mailani (her Instagram @mai_oh_mai) and Nikki (her Instagram @miss.nikki.marie) were willing to put up with some ice cream from Lucy's Lab Creamery

    Lucy's Lab Creamery is a neat little spot that specializes in home made ice cream with unique flavors like Bacon Whiskey, Strawberry Moscato or Butter Popcorn. This is a personal project so that meant funding our own props. It wasn't that expensive and to sweeten the deal Lucy's Lab Creamery donates a portion of their sales to breast cancer research. That made it almost a no brainer. 

    This was a great learning experience. First off the ice cream melted A LOT faster than I factored in. Obviously. It's a frozen treat on one of the hottest days of summer, in one of the warmest locations on the island. I wanted to see if I could create consistently styled images with some kind of a soul, that fit a narrative. There were some set backs that we overcame most notably being asked not shoot on the private property, not Lucy's but the property owner who shall remain unnamed had his security escort us off. However, working Mai and Nikki was a great experience. We definitely nailed the concept of a fun, bright summer themed photoshoot celebrating a frozen treat.

    I feel like I'd like to make this an ongoing concept. How fun are portraits with ice cream?