If Icarus Was A Woman

  • IF ICARUS WAS A WOMAN, I think she would wear macaw wings. They would be big and beautiful and stunningly colored. And they would be made from real feathers, not wax. That way, if she flew close to the sun, they wouldn’t melt, and she wouldn’t fall. If Icarus were a woman, she would be too smart to do something dumb like that. She would fly forever and as high as she wanted, and what a beautiful sight she would be. 

    Shot in Chicago last month while on a project for Discover Cards. Thanks to Cathy Wilson, Anne Dawson, Jennifer Brown, Dani Koen and Brittany Arnold for all their help; to Miloni Phillips for being such a wonderful model; to all the beautiful birds we brought in; and to Studio Rental, Chicago for letting us use their beautiful studio.