Ghost Town

  • Ghost Town
    In Ghost Town, we explore quiet, often overlooked places, in search of what lies beneath the surface of our subconscious. We lift the veil of innocuous oblivion to reveal spaces inhabited by curious beings from another plane of existence. We feel these entities exist all around us dragging with them misplaced echoes of time and energy. Neither malevolent or benevolent by nature, they are self-consumed, leaving their touch upon the living world in a way that reflects their own temporal state of being. They are fleeting glimpses from the corner of the eye, a shiver on the skin, and the whisper that is barely heard.

    Our goal is to illicit an emotional response to the scenes we create, and an internal stirring that lingers with the viewer much like our ghosts. To achieve this, we’ve combine photography of landscapes and objects, with digitally sculpted figures, furnishings, and environments to create visions that transcend reality and allow a deeper sensibility. 

    We've released a few images at the end of 2017 / beginning of 2018, with the bulk being released in conjunction with our solo show at Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo. We've been enjoying working on these, and plan to continue this series for a while to come. 
  • Ebbing Away, 2018
  • With Weathered Eye Open, 2017
  • Closed Loop, 2018
  • Closed Orbit, 2018
  • Almost, 2017
  • Not Quite, 2018
  • Ready or Not, 2017
  • Losing My Way, 2018
  • Nevertheless, 2018
  • The Passage, 2018
  • I Was, 2018
  • Unbecoming, 2018
  • This Too, 2018