Lost and Found. Creative ONLINE tutorial

  • Storytelling in Studio" workshop ONLINE tutorial

    In this workshop I’m sharing my personal experience of creating conceptual images, step by step from ideation to the final result. 
    Get a chance to see a team of professionals working together: set designer, wardrobe stylist, hair and makeup, professional model! Email us for more details and access!

    If you are interested in my retouching, there is a separate tutorial available!
    Send an email to studio@kristinavaraksina.com and we will reply with details on how to get access!

    "With a hands-on approach, Kristina Varaksina led us into a well thought, planned, and exceptionally well-executed Storytelling in Studio workshop to teach us to be our own art directors. She teams with outstanding professionals from the industry to create unique sets, wardrobe, makeup and, lighting necessary for a compelling story. Her workshops backed by solid knowledge and professional practice are a unique opportunity for photographers wanting to expand their creative opportunities. ~ Olga JaramilloS, MFA Photography student"

    "I’m a portrait and commercial photographer with 15 years of experience. I strongly believe that to stay at the top of your game you have to always keep learning. So I was very excited when I learned that Kristina Varaksina is going to hold a workshop on image making and visual storytelling. Watching a professional working is always interesting, but when the professional reveals his/her tricks and secrets it’s priceless. Kristina showed her entire creative process, from finding an idea to retouching the final image. For me personally it was very important to see how the whole creative team works, how an art director describes what he/she wants to achieve. I highly recommend Kristina’s workshops. Now when I look at her photos I know how the magic was done, and can definitely apply this in my own work. 
    ~ Roman Makhmutov @roman.makhmutov"

    This workshop is one of the most complete I’ve ever seen before. Kristina had a full production to show you everything that happens behind camera and answered all your questions about the shoot. You’ll get an overview of all you need to do before, during and after you shoot. Something that a lot of people would think is easy like the Mood Board, she takes you through all her process for when she creates one. Also the team, because when you are a photographer in set, is not just you working, you have a team helping you to make it possible and you get to hear them and know what are the important things that they need to know before the shoot. I totally recommend the workshop not just for photographers, is for everyone who’s into working on sets for an editorial, commercial, fine art, and more, they’ll show you a full set production from beginning to end. ~ Stephany Viera Fernandez"