Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 Teaser

  • Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign Teaser
  • ***This animation IS NOT SPONSORED by Gucci or any merchandise companies. It is not for any commercial uses. It is only for personal practices under motion design education at the ArtCenter (Pasadena, CA). The “Spring/Summer 2018” is only a personal treatment. It DOES NOT present any fashion merchandising and marketing information for the Gucci.
    ***Elements: Illustrations and photographs owned by the company, Gucci. But I made digital treatments based on the original Gucci illustrations and product images.
    ***Music: “Sketch for Summer(Remaster)” by The Durutti Column.

    It is a campaign teaser for the "Gucci Spring/Summer 2018" (fictional campaign), telling audience the different lines of Gucci new products. In general, the illustrations and paintings are the key elements of my animation. Using insects like bees and butterflies as visual guidances to lead audience’s angles of view. Those insects are moving from one scene (flowers and bushes) to another (a garden, a forest, etc.). Meanwhile, the parts of types “G”, “U”, “C”, “C”, and “I” are framing those different scenes. At this point, audience may or may not be able to tell what exact letter is. The key elements, insects, are still moving around. In the end, the Gucci logo and name of campaign appear in the middle of the frame. 

    What I am trying to communicate through this teaser, is that Gucci is going to have a new season with retrospective and floral styles. It also adds natural and vital feeling in to it. Elements like insects, flowers, and birds will be symbolic elements in this new season, which also emphasizes on the visual richness. What is most important for this new season is that Gucci is trying to make their customers to feel that there will be various styles within one fashion brand. 

    My target audience will be designers, celebrities, fashion aficionados and general public with great tastes. Audience could be also from those Gucci fans and those who want to witness the transition of Gucci’s new style. Besides, the most important target audience are Millennials and Generation Z. They are young and energetic. They are in favor of visual richness and various styles. They are also not brand loyal, which means their tastes might be unpredictable. 

    Social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Focusing on presentations on small screens.