Lufthansa Assignment

  • Lufthansa's magazine Planet asked me to photograph Orlando Wong of Able Freight; one o their freight customers. The assignment was for portraits and reportage of agricultural operations that produce strawberries for shipment world wide hence the combination of Photojournalism and Portrait work.

    For the we used a large silk for the portraits and then just some speed light fill flash on the reportage. Additionally the clouds in the background were placed in post-production. I think that clients expect a certain amount of digital skill sets from the photographers they hire. Even thought some fo the images are photojournalistic in nature, commercial clients expect the photographer to do more than just wait for the shot to happen. 

    In this case nothing but the portrait was set up, although I would have choreographed if necessary. 

    I love assignments that require mixed skill sets and intense work schedules because I enjoy the felling of being spent at the end of the day. 

    I am a commercial photojournalist and portrait photographer in Los Angeles.