Promo Redesign

  • The Promo Redesign
  • We're excited to finally unveil a brand new mailer that we've been working on redesigning over the last few months. Going in to 2018 we're most excited at the new design opportunities this new format lends us.
  • The Gatefold Promo
  • This was our starting point - the gatefold was the promo format that the studio has been sending out since the mid 2000's. This year we set about changing it.
  • The New Promo
  • Noel had 3 basic ideas/concepts that he wanted for the new promo:
  • With these ideas Sasha, our retoucher and Pamela, our Studio Manager got to constructing several mockups and designs while working with our mailing house to find out what would deliver best. We selected a thinner 70lb matte paper and used an 11 x 17 paper size.