• Hasselblad asked me to create a series of images to show the essence of New York with X1D and I knew it was completely impossible to show every aspect of this town in 8 or 10 images. So, after endless brainstorming I thought there is only one door that I can walk in through. I need to be a stroller, walker whatever you name it, a person who walks and wholeheartedly absorbs the city. I wanted to be open to what’s in front of me. I didn't know what it is but I knew I have to feel it. 
  • My images are unfinished in the camera, they’re always waiting for another action. 

    New York is a tough city.

    Making photographs at this town is like trying to hold wind, you can feel it slip through fingers, There’re endless moments to capture, around each and every corner. To discover this city is a dream. I’m inspired each day, Your preconceived ideas about this city are like dust in the wind, it’s here and gone in a moment.