Endless Summer

  • This wood of red buildings, abandoned or maybe still under construction (who knows?) is located in the south side of Kangbashi, one of the two main district of Ordos, Inner Mongolia. Ordos has a negative fame in western countries because is commonly known to be a ghost town. This is partially true but it should be refers only to some specific areas of Kangbashi and not to the whole city. Certainly Kangbashi is full of contrast and beside uninhabited areas there are amazing and beautiful gardens, government offices, theaters, museums and futuristic structures. Maybe one day even the Kangbashi area, as well as Dongsheng (the older and most populated district in the northern part of Ordos) will be full of life. Or maybe this won't happen and it will remain just like an utopian attempt to create a city out of nothing, in the middle of mongolian prairie.

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