Miami HEAT, 2004-2008

  • Miami HEAT "Hardwood Classics" tribute to the ABA's Miami Floridians. Stills from the player intro video, press kit and identity system.
  • Maybe the coolest client a designer can work for,
    the Miami HEAT NBA franchise. Working at SBC, I was privileged enough
    to be part of the team (eh, em, marketing) as the HEAT rose to it’s first championship. Anything was possible, as long as we were willing
    to put in the effort and never settle for anything less than league best.
    A great squad. Great results.
  • The "original" Wade County logo and tee. Launched a million knock-offs but, for the record, this one is the one the HEAT and Wade, Inc. marketed that first season. Intentionally "different" from the long-standing Miami Dade County logo, just in case. Then guess who called?
  • Five years later, Miami Dade County wants their own, official Wade County logos for Dwyane Wade Day, July 2010. They actually changed the name of the county, for one week, to Miami Wade County. Funny.
  • Every season demands a new look and style guide. Stay true to the HEAT DNA, and deliver on evolution or innovation, among a million moving parts. A great team on the court and behind the scenes. As they say, the best in the biz.
  • Every season and every playoff appearance issued a new official handbook. What was once a convenient pocket calendar transformed into a 20 panel fan zine and brand manifesto. Cameos include the legendary Abe Vigoda!
  • Every year the team poster was a colossal affair. Here shot by George Kamper and Brad Tuckman, then with KSC.
  • Literally hundreds of logos, but every one got +110%. Read Riley's "The Winner Within"