Mill Stones: A Public Art Proposal Cover

  • I offer you a little insight. This assignment was for a public art project proposal for artist Martha Jackson Jarvis. And my first commercial assignment using Photoshop’s 3D tools. Martha and I've worked together for two decades, creating visualizations for her public art projects. Unlike with most photography assignments the art object, and at times the location, do not exist. My job is to actualize the artist’s vision using their supplied reference materials. 

    With previous projects, I would construct visuals based on the supplied architectural renderings. This means separate Photoshop renders for each desired angle of view. Now, I decided to go with 3D modeling. Generating several angles of view, from one object file. 

    Here’s an overview of the workflow.
  • The artist researched many Native American textile patterns and selected the patterns on this artifact.
  • To clarify her thinking the artist creates traditional paper and cardboard models. It's at this point I'll be called in for a design session with her. I'll ask questions that will help me, and at times them, to understand the "reality" of the object to be created in Photoshop.
  • From that textile image file, I'll clean it up for use in Photoshop. Here I simply straighten the pattern up making it perpendicular and parallel. 
    Just making stuff neat.
  • Once straighten, I make a new file from the wide section of the textile. This will be used for the faces of the sculpture's model.
  • This strip will be used for the outside rim of the sculpture model.
  • I first used the Polar Coordinates filter to bend the wide strip onto itself, then used Free Transform to turn that elliptical shape into a circle.
  • This thinner strip was edited for the outside rim and inside hole of the 3D model.
  • The finished sculpture model
  • To create the blue version of the model, I simply made a dupe of the other file and replaced its face and rim elements.
  • These people were from Google's 3D Warehouse.
  • While the 3D models were used throughout the proposal, this is the final proposal cover design I created.