Farewell 2016

  • Whether you watch the video or not (Please do!!), but if you don't, congratulations on making it this far. 2016 was a un-merciful year. It took away a lot of our most beloved and childhood idols as far as celebrities goes. I lost two people in my life, but my wife gave birth to our little girl Laila. 

    With that being said 2016, was the hardest year of my life. I don't want to list all the negative points, but I can't wait to get into 2017. 

    I want you to subscribe to my new Youtube channel. I will be posting vlog, speed edits, etc. on here. Also doing giveaways as well. 

    I am looking for a great deal of change in my life in 2017. I am going to make it more of a focus to submit to more publications and work my way into getting my work in art exhibits. 
    The photos you see here are SFW photos, but if you scroll down you can download the nsfw pdf file.

    Until then, thank you all for your continue support and love. Please leave comment below. 

    Download the full Goodbye 2016 photos (PDF & NSFW) here -