Farewell Summer 2016

  • For the past three years I have been getting last minute shoots for the summer. Usually these shoots end up being something with a swimsuit. The whole Summer is here and I got no requests for bikinis shoots, but as soon September rears it's beady lil' head around August the requests come raining in.

    Don't worry I am not complaining about it at all. I got hired by Erin Taylor who loves to do fitness and commercial modeling. The images are being used for promotional purposes and port building for Erin. The bikinis were provided by Nantikini. We shot at local beach here in Maryland. I was hoping to use two different spots unfortunately the tide was in on the other side and the mosquitoes were  horrid. Poor Erin got bitten up by the evil mosquitoes and I got a few bites too.

    The shoot was very fun and professional. Erin takes really good direction. Please leave comments below.