Peet's Coffee + Tea Motion

  • Shooting still photography at rapid fast speeds creates a little beauty called “stop motion.” It’s now become a powerful aesthetic in marketing and advertising and combined with the web’s GIF capability, companies can pack a catchy stop motion video into a small file size and easily play it across media channels. It’s fast becoming a popular and powerful choice for marketing and advertising gurus who like to stay on top of the latest technology. When done well, stop motion is particularly well-suited for showing short food techniques because it enables us to focus on the intricacies of movement in front of the lens. Recently we created a stop motion for Peet’s Coffee and Tea which they could edit themselves for a number of uses, such as a 3-second tag on email letterhead or a 15-second visual on their website. 
    Shooting a stop motion video really ratchets up the excitement among client, agency and crew at the shoot. (And this time it was 17 people.) This was an especially noisy day with the rapid fire of the shutter, coffee beans whirring and finished coffee being poured. The combination of our natural light photography, appetizing food and stop motion video creates a memorable and impactful marketing tool at the end of a very exciting shoot day.