Moon Over Buffalo Play Poster Photoshoot

    Ken Ludwig’s farcical comedy Moon Over Buffalo is being produced by the Footlight Club and they needed a theater poster to help promote the production. Starting with a photoshoot at our Boston photo studio, we had the opportunity to create the posters and a whole pile of digital collateral.
    Photography of the two leading actors for the theater poster was fairly simple. The concept was being driven by costume and character and we knew it was going to be siloed and placed against a generated background. So, all of our effort went toward creating the right expression. David Alger's costumes were, as always, perfect. Troy Siegfried was our wig master. He is well known on the Boston theater scene for his wig skills, among other things.
    The production's director, Russell Greene, as well as the production's producer, Amanda Bedford, were on hand to supervise the theater poster shoot and keep the actors in character. They really helped as I was not very familiar with this play.
    During preproduction conversations about the theater poster shoot, we did have to procure a couple of new props for the studio. The nose fell under the responsibilities of the costumer, David Alger. The swords, however... Well, we didn't get to keep the nose but now we have two new swords!
  • Thanks for checking out the poster project. I appreciate appreciations! ;-)