Conversations with the sea

  • Sometimes life needs a pause, and I decided to take mine by the sea. These photographs and the text below are a glimpse into the conversations we had, the emotions I experienced. 
    “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.” 
    - John Muir, John of the Mountains: The Unpublished Journals of John Muir
    When I see the expanse of an unbroken curving horizon, listen to the rhythmic music of the waves crashing and retreating, feel the cold sea spray on my face, run my fingers through my windswept hair, sink my feet into the moist warm embrace of the wet silky sea bed, dive into the vast expanse of the sea and all the sounds around me cease, when I hear my breath coming fast and quick and nothing else, and my senses are bombarded with all the colours of the sea, the multitude of fish swimming around me peacefully – red, orange, blue, purple, yellow, white, grey, black – so many hues, a rainbow glistening, accepting my alien presence without protest; the plants, corals, algae dancing a slow dance, framed in the ethereal golden light streaming through the surface, smell the approaching rain in the winds, watch thunderclouds glide over the sky, glimpse the magical play of the sunbeams streaming through dark billowy clouds, hear the call of crickets taking over the night, watch the moonlight light up the waves and create magical patterns, hear the leaves whisper secrets to the wind – and as I breathe in and breathe out with a deep sense of belonging which engulfs my being, I experience an intense primal joy at being a part of this awe-inspiring creation. Everything is new but familiar. I am in a dream that I have seen before, I re-discover the song I always knew, but which was lost somewhere in the deep recesses of my soul, and there really is no feeling, which comes close to this burst of gratitude that explodes within me.  At once, I am both awed by the magnitude of creation and humbled by the tiny minuscule role I play in it. Nature embraces me and as I lose myself in her inviting warmth, she reminds me of my place in her world. Yes. Her world. I am a loved member, a cherished guest. But I exist because she lets me.  And that is something I forget too easily.