Wearable Technology

  • http://www.elenakulikova.com/Wearable-Technology
    'Gaze' is a black & white 3D printed Actuated Wearable top. Designed by Behnaz Farahi. www.behnazfarahi.com
    'The Mood Sweater' designed by Kristin Neidlinger interprets emotion and displays excitement levels instantly with an illuminated collar. Photographed for Wired Magazine. www.sensoree.com
    'Neurotiq' is 3D printed brain animating fashion, designed by Kristin Neidlinger. 
    'Selfie Mirare Reflection' designed by Kristin Neidlinger provides external protection from the outer distractions as it blocks wireless, magnetic fields, harmful radiation. 
    Awe Goosebumps designed by Kristin Neidlinger is a biomedia inflatable is a bio-responsive animatronic skin that amplifies the feeling of goosebumps and animates awe.