Estancia Wine Project

  • Typically, clients come to us with a very specific shot list. They have usually spent considerable time preparing a mock-up of the final design, whether it is for advertising, package design or social media, and Noel shoots to that plan. Recently, our client Estancia Wines turned that idea around. Yes, they needed a specific photo shot according to a layout, but they added a second, exciting assignment.

    They wanted images that looked like the personal work Noel shows in his self promotions and they felt the way to achieve that was to turn over the creative interpretation to him.

    We began by preparing two holiday buffet tables filled with many different appetizers, cheeses, breads and bottles of Estancia wine. One table was dark and one was high key. Working with our food and prop stylist George Dolese, Noel shot the foods and wines from different angles and in different arrangements and compositions. The goal was to give our client a bank of images showing different pairings of their wines and appetizers that they could choose from to create a booklet of ideas for their customers. At the end of the day, they had more than 100 images to work with.

    The images below are a few examples.