Adobe: Photoshop Fix & Photoshop Mix

    Had the pleasure of being commissioned by the renowned software company; Adobe, to help create a creative asset for the release of two mobile apps for the 2015 Adobe Max conference held in October of 2015 in Los Angeles, California. The first app, PHOTOSHOP FIX was a new app designed to assist and target the power and ability to retouch an image on the go. While the second app; PHOTOSHOP MIX 2.0 was an updated app release, focusing on the ability of creating composite photography / images through laying and blend modes (a personal favorite of mine). The ability to work with a company as renowned in the photography and retouching world as Adobe was a daunting undertaking but the reward of creating something that showcased what I do and the power of the software they have created to support the digital arts was tremendously rewarding.
    As Adobe has ventured into new and breaking ground with mobile applications, I wanted to create an image that spoke to the exploration efforts that are beign taken to advance the world of digital art. The image; Butterfly Explorer, is created with that perspective in mind, to showcase the unknown and endless creative possibilities that can be made via the tools photographers and retouchers have at their finger tips (pun intended).
    Client: Adobe
    Photographer: Weston Fuller (
    Model(s): Curtis & Christine Heaton
    Stylist: Becky J Design
    Wardrobe provided by: Adventure Haus
    Stock Photography: Ice Cave (Adobe Stock #75519806) Butterflies (Adobe Stock #84396633)
    Below is a series of screen grabs during the process of working with both the PHOTOSHOP FIX and PHOTOSHOP MIX mobile applications during the image build to showcase the steps used to create the Butterfly Explorer image.
  • Adobe e-blast in October 2015, after the Adobe Max creative conference introducing the Photoshop Fix Mobile App. Image shown in the marketing piece focuses on the retouching side of the created image and shown without butterflies.
  • PHOTOSHOP FIX - Preliminary Retouching 
    Using the Photoshop Fix retouching app made a series of changes to the background image, the Ice Cave.
    1- Using the HEALING tool I was able to quickly and immediately clean up dust marks, shadows and blemishes that I felt did not support the final image. These objects were removed from the image.
    2- The entrance of the cave had a weird shape that would make it difficult to place my models into the image and give a more appealing feel to that would ultimately work with the rest of the subject matter when later placed into the photo. Using the powerful LIQUIFY tool I was able to make a series of adjustments to stretch, twist, expand and tweak the entrance of the cave.
    3- Using the LIGHT tool, I was able to create some additional contrast with the image similar to a dodge and burn technique, found in the standard Photoshop. 
    One of the best part of all the tools that were used was the nondestructive method and history feature that was built while editing that allowed for review the original starting process and the undoing changes if they were not exactly what you wanted to accomplish.
  • PHOTOSHOP MIX - Compositing
    Using the Photoshop Mix compositing app, a series of layers were added to the image to create the story of exploration and fantasy by adding models that were photographed in studio or stock images of butterflies.
    1- Models where added to the image of the Ice Cave by the use of the new 2.0 blend mode features, which compliment the same type of modes found in Photoshop.
    2- Butterflies where added to the image, but because of their placement the CUT OUT tool was used to create a mask that removed the white background from the butterfly. Using the copy layer feature on the layer I was able to quickly and easily duplicate and move butterflies into their desired location without having to cut out and mask the layer each time.
    3- The 1.0 version of Photoshop Mix only allowed for a couple of layers to be used for compositing but the new 2.0 version provides the creator with seven layers to work with. With a little proper planning and creativity while working through a composite additional objects and elements can be added to the image by compressing layers and freeing up one of the seven working layers needed for the composite. A total of 42 layers were used in the creation this image.
    4- Some stylizing of adding light flares and cold breath were added and blended into the image through the use of the BLEND tool / modes.
    If you're using the apps to just get the process of compositing started and you need to finalize the image, you'll be happy to know that the ability of exporting the image from your mobile device to your desk top to be worked on in Photoshop is a working feature with the apps.
  • PHOTOSHOP FIX - Final Retouching 
    By placing the image back into Photoshop Fix a series of final retouches and changes were made to complete the composite.
    1- Using the LIQUIFY and facial recognition tool / feature some alterations and desired emotion was given to the explorer in the image to enhance the story and interaction of the explorer with the butterflies. 
    2- Once again using the LIGHT tool to dodge and burn areas of the photo I was able to create some light and darkness in the face and other areas of the image that needed to be touched up now that additional subject matter had been placed into the frame of the image.
    3- Using some additional tools; such as, VIGNETTE, DEFOCUS, COLOR and ADJUSTMENTS I was able to finalize the image to create the image and narrative that I had set out to fill the frame of the Ice Cave image with.  
    Like Photoshop Mix, the image can be exported into Photoshop on your desktop for final touchup if needed. 
    In summary, both these two apps are amazing, which are designed to enhance the digital art and creation of photography. If your someone who just likes to play around with photography apps or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your workflow and brainstorming ideas with a client, these apps give your the options of providing fun and working capabilities that have never been available to creatives in the past.
    (Butterfly Explorer)
    Hope you enjoyed this quick explanation and insight into the process and creation of this image. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feed back in the comments below as to what you not only think of the final image but also these new tools that are available to you as an artist.