The Millennium Trilogy

  • THE MILLENIUM TRILOGY | book covers
    These three books tell the story of a woman, Lizbeth Salander, fighting against her physical agressors and her own personal demons. The wrinkled background symbolizes the fracture and the fragility caused by her agressors. The brightest words on each cover show how Lizbeth Salander evolves throughout each book. The model, who is the same through all the covers, embodies the physical and mental transformation of Lizbeth Salander. She starts out a young and innocent teenager in the first book, then changes into a rebellious and daring young adult in the second and, finally, a strong, feminine, determined and assumed woman in the last book. The model kept the same position on each cover to draw attention to the transformation of the character. 
    Project from Hank Richardson's Publication class at Portfolio Center.
    Portraits by Jeffrey Morgan.
    A special thanks to Erin Bishop and Melissa Kuperminc.