• we want it all concept!
    I was challenged to re-brand AVON, the premier direct selling company, and the oldest global manufacturer and marketer of beauty related products. The mission of AVON has always been to empower women to achieve economic independence and be the best place to work. They have certainly achieved this. However, their sales have been on the decline since 2012 because their audience is in the transition of retirement. Active representatives have declined and the turn over is high. Their image is also outdated and they are behind in social media. 
    OPPORTUNITIES: AVON has no idea, but they are sitting on a gold mine! Unlike previous generations, their new target market should be the easiest to acquire in theory. Millennial women are the most entrepreneurial, natural digital marketers to ever walk the planet! They have turned their backs on climbing the corporate ladder by 60%, instead they are choosing financial independence. Millennial women are also at an age where their skin is changing. They are fighting oily and dry skin, breakouts, and are new to the wrinkle and dark spot sector. 
    CONCEPT "AV": The concept I created was meant to solve the current challenges of AVON, to create a fresh take and perspective. The sub-brand is called AV. It has a youthful look, but also a slight retro feel to reflect the fact that AVON is the oldest beauty company in the world. The new target of AV is primarily makeup artists, hairstylists, designers, fashion stylists, and aspiring creatives of all kinds. She is trendy all around, loves Youtube tutorials, has her own great ideas, enjoys photography and art, and dreams of having her own social media platform and followers. It would be good for AV to take advantage of the amazing talents these women have and their desire for economic independence.
    -Concept work only
    Designer/Art Director: Shar Biggers
    Photographer: Britney Kidd
  • Instead of her going door-to-door, she now carries a chic clutch
    that has a tablet inside and an amazing quarterly collection to show off. 
  • Below is the Quarterly Mag that would be held inside of AV Girl Clutches and on their websites. 
  • AVON Presents: AV Brand Strategy Book
  • To young, entrepreneurial women who want it all! When you join AV, you become apart of a flawless foundation of iconic women who masterly contour beautiful faces for a living. A woman to be admired, she's revolutionary in all that she does, looking to make a statement and inspire a following of women everyday through her artistry. AV is the makeup of every woman, and we have never looked so good!