Synthetic Habitat Project by Jorge Parra Photography

  • Miami Advertising / Commercial photographer Jorge Parra relaunches the Synthetic Habitat Project: Architecture, Interior Design and Lighting Design Photography for the Leisure and Luxury Markets.

    Jorge Parra is well known as a People Photographer, shooting Advertising, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Photography for over 2 decades.
    However, for the last 8 years, he has also been shooting several architectural and Interior design projects for the Travel, Leisure and Luxury clients in the USA and abroad.
    Also, Jorge has shot various Lighting Design Projects in distant places, like Ankara, Turkey, Madrid, Spain and Dublin, Ireland, with new projects in the USA being currently photographed.

    The images  below are just a sample of what can be found in the revamped website for The Synthetic Habitat Project. We encourage you to visit!
    Jorge 's next and natural phase for The Synthetic Habitat Project involve a fine blend of Fashion and Architecture, both Stills and Motion, putting together all his skills, in an ongoing series of images to be published in the near future.