Bliss is experiencing a moment when nothing else matters except for the moment itself…
    As a teenager there was nothing better than having a snowboard strapped to my feet, while standing a top one of the Wasatch Mountain snowy peaks. Looking out over a freshly fallen blanket of Utah powder, as the sun crept above the horizon to the potential of offering up a perfect day. This was my happy place, a place I thought of often and tried to escape to when time allowed.
    Through the years I’ve discovered most everyone has found a moment of BLISS while pursuing something they love among a serene setting…creating a memory and freezing the moment.
    Everyone pursues perfection and everyone dreams of finding happiness. For some happiness comes when they’re doing what they love and perfection found when a moment is frozen in time. BLISS is created when both true happiness and pure perfection collide, elevating an experience by forming a surreal moment that sets the bar for all future events to be measured.
    The images of BLISS illustrate moments of when perfection and happiness collide, by showing someone who is caught in the moment through recreational activities among romantic landscapes. Recreating the moment of my youth when my personal BLISS was found standing in the snow.
    What is your BLISS…