The Woman of Chicago Roller Derby

  • The Women of Chicago Roller Derby
  • After Attending the Chicago Roller Derby earlier this year I was hooked. I was intrigued by all the derby personalities – Jackie Daniels,T.S. Helliot, Take Out Box, Tomy Knockers, Red Zeppelin, Mel Content, Janicide Joplin – but then I found myself equally interested by what their lives where off the track.  I knew they all had the love and passion for the Roller Derby in common but I had no idea that they bring that same passion to what they do when they are not on the track.  These ladies inspire me. I hope they inspire you too!

  • Derby teacher
    Brooke Fly is one of the fastest skaters at the derby when she is not spending her days shaping young minds in the classroom.
  • Derby Cop
    Jennifer aka Jailya Roberts is a part of the Chicago Police Department by day and a force on the track with the Windy City Rollers at night.
  • Derby Librarian aka T.S. Helliot aka Katherine Dunn
  • Derby film maker aka Doris Day of the Dead aka Rebecca Fons
  • Derby Engineer
    Jess is a Mechanical Engineer crunching numbers. On the track Mekana Kill does an entirely different type of crunching!
  • Derby Blogger aka Poppy Spock aka Pauline Pang
  • Derby executive aka Sargentina aka Alisa Depedro