Quattro Self Portrait

  • Testing the Sigma dp2 Quattro, I only had a few days with Sigma's new camera. I had landscapes and still life shots and wanted to shot some portraits with it. My model canceled at the last minute, and I had to send th camera back the next day. So I stepped in.
  • I had visualized the portrait as a B&W. Made the conversion in Photoshop using an Black & White Adjustment layer.
  • I used one light when I shot this, and wanted more contrast on the backdrop. I popped myself onto a separate layer. Then used a Radial Gradient on the layer below.
  • I liked the full frame portrait, but I wanted to see what the Sigma's newly designed Foveon sensor could do in terms of detail, so I cropped in tight on the face and hand.
  • While I really like the B&W results I thought I'd have some fun. I created a Luminosity Mask and copied the mid-tone to highlight color information from the full color layer.
  • I pasted that color information onto the layer above the B&W one.
  • I loved what the color information added to this B&W portait, but decided to add a "Dodge & Burn" sharpening layer from a technique I learned from photographer Calvin Hollywood.
  • The final result of my dp2 Selfie.