• The Red in Red Fort
    I was trying to make a photograph of the ¨Diwan e Aam¨ at the Red Fort, New Delhi, India. The swarms of people passing by were not helping in any way. Finally, instead of being annoyed at them for coming in my way, I thought I will use them in my composition. The colorful salwar kameez clad women fit right into the red of the beautiful monument.
  • Sunset at Umm Qais, Jordan
    Watching the sun through these beautiful Roman remnants makes you wonder how many tens of thousands of sunsets have passed through here so quietly. And more importantly, how did I get so lucky. What you are seeing at the far distance is the Sea of Galilee. And to the right is the Golan Heights.
  • Midday Prayer Hour
    The bright midday sun, rushing into this delapidated mosque, brought this place to life again.
  • Petra, Jordan
    The red sands of the desert transformed into a masterpiece.
  • Colors of Samarkand
    Here, we see a local woman wearing similar colors and patterns as the façade on this Madrasa at Shah-i-Zinda in Samarkand. These intricate designs flow from their gorgeous silk fabrics to their world famous silk carpets. And this doesn’t stop there. Their monuments also reflect the similar turquoise, blue and white colors showing the traditional symbols of good luck, health and prosperity.
  • Kerala, Going Fishing
    Watching the lone fisherman in the wee hours of the morning makes me wonder, how many generations of fishermen before him might have taken this same path and witnessed sunrises just like this one and how did I get so lucky?
  • Kaleidoscope of Lights
    We were at the St. Stephen's Cathedral at Vienna in December. It was around 6:00pm. And right on time, the Basilica came to life with this Kaleidoscope of Lights that flooded the inside, perhaps celebrating the season.
  • Sweet dreams by Candle Light
    Spend the night by candle lights at the Feynan Eco Lodge, located in the midst of wild Jordan in the Dana nature reserve.
  • Life in God´s Own Country
    Sailing by on a houseboat, I was feasting on the local colors and flavor of life in the backwaters of Kerala, India.