Edible Truths

  • “The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.”
    - Flanney O’Conner
    With the American consumer eating nearly one ton of food every year, the question must be asked; what exactly are we eating? In an effort to understand the truth about what it is Americans are eating, seventeen common foods found in todays western United States culture have been identified and examined to help create an awareness campaign to educate today’s generation with a better knowledge as to where these particular foods and/or ingredients originated.   
    By identifying the origin of the foods and ingredients found within these seventeen food products, the images of Edible Truths have been created to educate through the use of photography in an editorial series of montage images.
    So the next time you reach for something to eat or something to drink, take a moment to ask your self the question, what am I really eating/drinking?