New Portrait Cabinet Cards

  • My new cabinet cards are a very unique item that once was extremely common. I believe I am the only photographer that offers real cabinet cards today that can have your portrait on them. Once a very popular product that photography studios first offered in the late 1860′s all the way through the beginning of the 1900′s. They would mount your photographic print to a sturdy card stock that was usually press printed and embossed with their studio information on the bottom front of the card. One of the purposes of the cabinet card and where the name was derived from was the ability to display your portraits on a cabinet shelf or above the fireplace. I have been collecting vintage portraits and cabinet cards when I came up with the idea and decided to have my own cabinet cards made. Since nobody manufactures these any more, I had to search for companies that had the ability to manufacture a custom order like this. Many emails and mailed samples later I was able to have my own blank cabinet cards produced and embossed with my own logo and Eau Claire, Wisconsin in silver ink  just like cards of the past.