3D Models Designed for Fabricating Subnanometer Optics

  • During my time at Tinsley which is now part of L-3 Communications, I took on several roles.  Depending on the day and the projects of top priority, I could be project managing, developing, modeling in 3D, setting up an optical test in Zemax software or in real life on the shop floor, analyzing data, or even on site with client or 3rd party.  I can't provide any photos of grinding, polishing, testing, etc. but I can post some 3D models of lightweighted mirrors, and the optical tests I designed to get them to subnanometer surfaces.
  • Above is a lightweighted mirror for SBSS and below is the mirror, shown transparent, in its optical test fixture.
  • Below is a double corner cube, DCC, optic on its post and its test fixture interface for the 5 axis mount you see above.
  • Below is the full optical test with interferometer on its mount and the optic we made for Cymer on its mount.  Both sit on floating table to reduce noise in the test so that we could make maps to grind/polish the optic to spec.
  • Acting as lone optomechanical engineer at Tinsley, when it was a single-building operation many years prior to acquisition by L-3, modeled tooling for optical manufacturing, optical testing and shipping in 3D, producing drawings for in-house or external machine shop. Used SolidWorks and GD&T to ensure flawless quality.

     Finalized process of grinding beryllium mirrors, a procedure underlying a significant part of Tinsley’s current account roster and the key to winning the contract for the James Webb Space Telescope, the next generation replacement for the Hubble Telescope.

    Executed test output analysis and performed computation and data manipulation to produce 2D error maps for polishing optics to sub-nanometer specifications. Computed adherence to specifications both individually and in subassembly via Zemax. Used advanced laser interferometers, phase measuring microscope, atomic force microscope and other tools. Ordered necessary tooling for projects and maintained vendor relations.

     Designed all job-specific testing apparatuses for manufacturing in the Space Interferometry Mission, performed tests in conjunction with Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and flew to oversee coating with JPL. 
     Contributed to major revenue infusion with capture of a long-term follow-on contract with JPL.

    Enacted project management as direct liaison with external customer, ensuring adherence to timeline and milestones using Microsoft Project. Provided expertise for the development of company’s master schedule. Coordinated internal teams of technicians, engineers, machinists, sales, shipping, and other personnel.

    Redeveloped in-house software to increase speed and ease of use for critical business applications, porting their functionality from MS-DOS to Windows-based GUI. Used VB.NET and Visual Studio to implement full-spectrum changes, including upgrades to multiple-page forms with intensive error checking algorithms