Michel Leroy Rally Bikers

  • Rally Bikers by Michel Leroy
    It is my journey to create a portfolio of images that represent the diversity of biker rallies through the people who keep the spirit and legacy of the community alive. I attend motorcycle rallies and create portraits of riders ranging from 7-year-old kids on 90cc hill climbers to middle age firemen on 1200cc road bikes to sun burnt grandparents on 1800cc luxury touring marvels. The style is unrelenting black and white images that reveal texture and detail beyond the casual glance.
    Meeting bikers as we pass on the street, in a parking lot or at a car wash, I photograph them in a portable studio to capture that moment just after we meet, that point of simple truth while the shared humanity is still in our eyes.  Through portraits of Rally Bikers I am looking for the significance of the individual in the community that defines them.