The RENT Poster Production

  • Footlight Club's RENT Poster
    The Rent is due!
  • I do a number of projects for local theater companies every year. It is a great opportunity for flexing some creative muscles as we attempt to pull people away from the canned entertainment of tv cable and internet and get them to come out and see a live production.

    This particular composite was created for the Footlight Club's production of RENT. We shot it all in a day at my studio, with the capable Catherine Moniz on hair and makeup and Lisa Mosher on wardrobe. A second day was spent on the composites for the final poster, banner and program cover.
  • Sara Jane as Mimi
  • Joshua Rajman as Roger
  • Rishi Basu as Collins
  • José as Angel
  • Todd Sandstrom as Mark
  • Matthew Ford as  Benny
  • Anne and Shira as Maureen and Joanne
  • The final composite.